How football match is fixed

How football match is fixed


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The sports like tennis/boxing are much easier to fix than team sports like football.
It’s too many people to train a game properly when there are 22 players, four officials, two coaches, and substitutes.
Which part is the trickiest? You have a better chance of getting the outcome you want if you bribe more people, but you also have a better chance of being visible if you bribe more people.
Keeping the bookmaker in the dark is more important than that – things could go wrong otherwise. There is a possibility that the match can be canceled, the primary fixer may lose his investment, and the fixer and others may face criminal investigation if fixed.
Even on its own, match-fixing can be very dangerous. Fixers (individuals or corporations) are in it for the money. As for secure matches, you can find them typically in minor leagues and non-televised matches.
There are 2 ways to fix the game. 1st, you need to compromise someone with a direct effect on the game – perhaps the player or coach (s), team holder, and certified.
If we want to recoup our investment and return a sensible profit, we will need to pony up a large pale, which may range from $2Million to $20Million depending on how much it costs to fix the problem. Bookmakers don’t accept such insane stakes because they have boundaries on stakes.
Hence, the fixer is forced to take his big-money anywhere else where it is known.
To fix the illegal Asian betting market that numbers in the tens of millions of dollars, the 2nd step is to locate a contact (an agent fixer) in Asia (mainly Singapore, Thailand, or China). This is one example of how football matches are fixed. There are various other ways so you should always watch out for these kind of events.

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