Which sport is mostly involved in match-fixing?

Which sport is mostly involved in match-fixing?

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There is no doubt that sumo rassling has been plagued by prearranged results for years (and may still be), but it is soccer, not sumo, that has practiced the highest number of fixed matches.
A boxer with a 7-7 record entering his final match has a 70-81 percent chance of winning, according to studies in The Joy of Sumo and Freakonomics. Consequently, it was obvious that the wrestler’s 8th victory was to be achieved through arranging matches. Nevertheless, 70-81 percent of those matches do not necessarily have a fixed outcome. For 7-7 wrestlers to achieve 70-80 percent win rates, only some matches have to be fixed to make the possibility of victory 50-50.
On the other hand, the scope of soccer match fixing is surprising. In his recently released account, “Kelong Kings,” Wilson Raj Perumal cites more than hundred instances of fixed matches. The UEFA identified over 680 suspicious matches from 2008-2011 while FIFA has over ninety matches pending investigation. As well as the recent incidents, around hundred football (soccer) match-fixing cases have been registered since 2000. \

Malaysian soccer leagues were plagued by match fixing during the 1990s, and the league eventually collapsed. There is a possibility that eighty percent of football matches are fixed, according to a politician. Vietnamese leagues are also being suspect of similar performs today.
Even after recent care has been attentive on the issue, it seems to be more rampant than ever. A Nigerian international (OgenyiOnazi) has been promised 50,000 euros for a yellow card and 100,000 euros for a penalty in a room when an undercover reporter was there in May 2014.
Most people play and bet on soccer because it is the most popular sport. It is hard to imagine anything surpassing soccer when it comes to the pure number of fixed matches.

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