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Irregular results fixed matches

Irregular results fixed matches

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Free Tips / 24.08.2021
PSV (Ned)  PSV  VS  Benfica
 Benfica (Por)

 Tip 1 FT @ 2.00 FT: 0:0

Free Tips / 23.08.2021
West Ham West Ham  VS  Leice
ster Leicester

 Tip 1 FT @ 2.50 FT: 4:1

Irregular results fixed matches

Things go wrong sometimes. Everyone thinks that certain teams will always win, but they do not ways do so. An example is Blackburn’s 2011 victory at Old Trafford against Manchester United. The odds were 24.00 for Blackburn, and they won 3-2. Despite being unlikely, this result does not fall into the category of outrageous or suspicious in any way. The match started at 29.00 odds with Hercules beating Barcelona 2-0 in 2010. Not suspicious, but highly unlikely. Things go wrong sometimes.

In the 1st game of the series, the LA Lakers and the Sacramento Kings faced off in Game six of the 2002 Western Session Finals. Los Angeles was looking forward to concluding the series 3-2 in favor of the Kings. Game six was lost by the Kings under controversial circumstances, followed 2 nights later by Game 7’s Los Angeles loss, ensuring the Lakers’ victory in the NBA Finals. The NBA and TV newscaster NBC are said to have been attentive in seeing the Lakers reach the NBA contests.

An honest sporting contest can’t make sense of results that are deemed irregular. A particularly egregious example occurred in Nigeria in 2013. After a farcical relegation battle on matchdays 79-0 and 67-0, with clubs looking to increase their goal change, official officials and referees were excluded for life as four clubs were on hold for a decade.
The fact that bookmakers did not offer any anytime goal scorer or over/under sixty-five goal markets for those matches is blessed.


It looks that match-fixing will remain an issue. There will always be an illegal element seeking to abuse betting markets to gain an advantage through the operation of results, regardless of the laws or methods used for discovery. Yet, with common sense, we can identify when a sporting event might be rigged in modern betting and sports situations.