Watch out for fixed matches by noticing irregular pre-match odd

How football match is fixed

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Betting odds reflect the amount of cash that has gone on the market, or certain outcomes of an event, to many punters who use bookies. This could be seen in a football game where Manchester City is at home against Everton. If clients pile money on Manchester City to win against Everton at 2.10 odds, the bookies will slash City's odds as a result.
As the demand for a city win rises, the odds will go down. Equally, if Everton wins, the odds will rise.
We now know that outcomes are priced depending on demand, and how likely an outcome is to happen, so we can use that to our advantage in finding fixed games.
An event is considered fixed when the odds of a result are so high that they pervert the market.
When the odds for a draw drop as close to kick-off, with Manchester City playing Everton, there is a sudden increase in cash being located on the draw. There could be numerous reasons for this, such as the benching of a star player or the opinions of experts saying that it will finish in a draw. In any case, if the drop-in odds for a draw are huge, then a weighty and unnatural quantity of cash has been staked on it.
There is often an irregularity among odds for draws in Serie A, the top league in Italian football. The reason for this is the clubs working together to achieve mutually beneficial results, if they need it. In 76 matches, the odds-on draw has been favored over wins for certain teams since 2001. Most of those games ended in draws, which is not surprising.
This can be contrasted to the English Premier League, where the odds of a draw have never favored the home team in the same time.
When odds on a draw drop, it isn't necessarily indicative of a fixed match; be wary when this happens. Take advantage of the economy tickets before casual fans pile on. As soon as the odds are stopped due to a large accrual of money, lay the draw at quicker odds on a gambling conversation, guaranteeing a success.

Updated: March 2, 2022 — 2:21 pm

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